The Internet Is The Reason We Can’t Have Nice Things

The world is a different place now. I’m not hip on pop culture, don’t care to be and people are too easily offended. Or if it’s sarcasm, well I’m terrible when it comes to sarcasm.

I’ve been building websites and running social media campaigns for years. But in the past month, I have had 2 accounts reported for being offensive. A bikepacking account and single speed account.

The bikepacking account was because I am not a medical professional and advised my viewers to ride their bike for mental health. Fuck, it works for me. The single speed account because I made fun of eBikes and gears. Fuck people, just click unfollow or scroll past the shit.

Aside from my personal account, I’m done with this. With my personal account I can atleast tell these people to fuck off.

After 35 years I have finally learned that I can’t please everyone. I’ll eventually get back into doing business accounts, but I need a break from the faceless negativity known as the internet.

I’m still doing search engine optimization and web design, and I’ll consult on social media. Other than that it’s just this In Cog We Trust account, besides it will give me more time to focus on more important things.

More Important Things

Riding my bike is the most important thing to me. It’s great for my own personal mental health, sense of discovery and accomplishment.

The fact that I despise driving limits my world a bit, but thankfully I live in what I dub a little mountain bike mecca. Anyways, I’m back to building “the loop.”

The Loop is an off road project I started a few years back. It connects North Attleboro to Wrentham. There are a few ways to do this. It’s easy to connect via the powerlines, which I call the mountain bike highway, but I like using as much singletrack as possible. Only problem, I get lost quite a bit. If I could just remember lefts here and rights there.

Either way I want expand The Loop. The next goal (aside from getting the existing loop perfect) is connecting Wrentham to Franklin to get on the SNETT trail. From the SNETT trail, well we’ll ride that path when we get there, but I do want to find a “legal” camping area somewhere on the SNETT.

Conclusion… For Now

So yeah, I’m no longer looking to build online businesses (for now), it looks like I’ll have a great private link network at my disposal. Instead of building business partnerships I’m focusing on building personal relationships with brands to help aide my adventures and train for endurance races.

In the short and long run this will be more fun, but for now it’s time to get on the trails. Just keep spinning.

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