Just Keep Spinning

I’ve had this website for roughly three years now and I’ve done damn near nothing with it. It just keeps getting put off because I think I should be doing something else with my time. The only other thing I want to do with my time is ride my bikes. Instead I’m trying to build partnerships, build companies, stressing over things I have almost no control over. Oh and bullet chess, I play a lot of bullet chess.

If you’re close to me you have seen my ups and downs over the past four or five years. I’ve watched businesses and relationships come and go in my life. The one constant has been my bicycle. Yeah, I’ve gotten a number of bikes over the year. So why the hell am I just not focusing on that?!

I spend so much time dreaming about what I want to do then talking myself out of it saying it’s just not feasible. In theory, my life isn’t feasible (well that’s what some prior relationships liked to tell me). So if others view my lifestyle as not feasible, but it is, and I view my own day dreams as not feasible… well I must be wrong. I’m using the word feasible too much.

There’s so much riding that I want to do. I dream of doing races like the Huracan 300, Florida Divide, Eastern Divide when it’s ready, the illustrious Tour Divide and would love to develop the New England Divide. Even road races like the Race Across America peaks my interests. Yes, all single speed if you’re questioning. Alas, I have a number of dumb reasons not to pursue these dreams.

I read on one of the websites I follow, books I’ve read or YouTube video that I watched that you will never be quite ready for your first cycling adventure. That you will always say that you need that one piece of gear. That mental resistance that stops you from pursuing your dreams. I have the majority of the gear I need (scratch that, I need to get new rain pants and a warmer sleep system), it’s just breaking through my own thought process. Resistance is a bitch.

Maybe this is exactly what I need, a website/blog to get my ramblings out to straighten out my own thoughts and goals… maybe share some knowledge to. I have a number of things I can talk about; single speed conversions, gearing, tire pressure, steel is real yada, yada, yada.

I actually do need to get new rain pants though, mine have finally ripped after three years of use as a bike commuter. Ok, I’m almost ready. In the mean time, just keep spinning.

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