Endurance Training On A Single Speed

Endurance Training On A Single Speed

There are many great books out there for bicycle racing training, my personal favorite is the “Lance Armstrong Performance Program.” Yeah, it’s tainted, but the books are fantastic on how it concisely delivers helpful information. “The Mountain Bikers Training Bible” is another one I like (though I don’t like the oversized size). I’m sure there are a number of great programs out there but none of them are really catered to what I am doing, long-distance single speed.

I’m sure there are programs out there but I haven’t found one in book format. Also, it will be interesting to disect my mini-library and use some imagination to build a dedicated single speed training program.

The end game for this pseudo-chess game is completing the Tour Divide on a single speed. Working backward there are a number of rides and races I need to do, notably the Huracan 300. Going backward from there we start with the opening; the RP75 on August 30. 75 miles of mixed terrain. For this ride, I’ll use my trusty Iron Sled, “The Tank,” my Redline Monocog that is set up as a drop bar.

I recently rebuilt my Redline Monocog as a drop bar mountain bike and it was the best decision I’ve made recently. Being a bike commuter and bike fanatic I am always on a bike; though my commuter bike isn’t a good mountain bike and my mountain bike isn’t a good commuter bike. My Redline Monocog doesn’t do anything great, but it allows me to ride everywhere. It cruises on the road, can handle New England singletrack, and most importantly keeps riding fun.

So yeah, going to need to order some more Endless single speed cogs so I can change gear ratios. My Gramin Edge whatever, Vivosmart 3 and iPhone yada yada are synced together. Ah… the other thing I’ll be doing during all of this riding is geomining on the Coin app. Shameless plug since I’m trying to work with them, but I really dig what they are doing. Essentially you can mine cryptocurrency while riding.

Well, the weather has cooled down a bit, so back in the saddle.

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