It has been brought to my attention that Chris King has stopped production of the rear hub of choice for singlespeeders. Is anyone going to claim the clown crown or maybe Rich Dillen is right, singlespeed is ded.

Chris King Singlespeed Rear Hub

Personally, I don’t know if this hub was 135mm spaced or boost, or super boost or whatever. It just sucks to see singlespeed options go away. Hopefully Shimano keeps their 135mm Deore XT hubs that can accept a 3/8″ axle around for awhile longer.

Do you ride singlespeed? What’s your rear hub of choice?

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  1. This is very sad news. I believe it’s because of the Industry wants to sell you high tech products That only last a couple years then you can buy some even newer technology.
    I’m very surprised that Chris King is doing this.
    I have one bike with Purple King hubs SingleSpeed Rear. I have several bikes with Hope Hubs. Long live the SingleSpeed

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