Back In The Saddle

Wowza, what a ride?! Since late February life has been going in many different directions. The injury that lead to a surgery, bringing back “old working skills” to bring in an income, “healing,” and getting back on the bike. Now I’m back on the bikes and I can’t get enough of it.

During my “healing” time I was reading books about bicycle adventures and the bug bit me hard. All I could and can think about are bike adventures I’ve day dreaming about for a few years, and I’m day dreaming of more that I haven’t thought of before. Looks like I have a lot of riding ahead of me.

As soon as I got cleared to ride a bike I was off spending so many hours on my commuter bike (single speed Surly Straggler) that if you looked at my time in the saddle each week you would think it was a part time job. With massive amounts of time on the road it was time to test the “healing” process with some off road. Started with a bit of gravel riding on the commuter bike but it was time to test mountain biking.

My go to mountain bike is a single speed Surly Wednesday fat bike, but I haven’t jumped on that yet due to the 100mm bottom bracket and I’m a crank hugger on a fat bike… I can’t imagine crank hugging being a good for coming back from an ankle injury. So, I rebuilt my Surly Krampus, and yep it’s single speed.

Due to my injury my time at the bike shop became limited so I had to rely on other ways of bringing in income. So, I dusted off the old search engine optimization (SEO) notebooks, reopened some old accounts and opened some new accounts. Luckily I was able to land a few clients to get me through that time. Now with this being September the bike shop I work at starts to slow down, so it looks like I’ll be pursuing more SEO and internet marketing gigs. I’m curious if I can land enough so I don’t need to rely on “traditional” income. If I can make that work, it will definitely give me the freedom I crave so I can tackle my bigger life projects.

Luckily I was able to set aside from money to get some great bike camping gear that I can move from the Straggler to the Krampus, but I’ll write more about that later as I’m about to go test the ankle

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